Embracing Their Reality™
A New Kind of Dementia Care

I work with senior living communities and families to create compassionate dementia care programs.

I meet senior living companies where they are to help them build the best dementia care programs available. Whether your budget is large or small, your programming needs a tweak or a major overhaul, I can help you.

Evaluate & Escalate

This is the first step in my signature process and the best way to get my expertise without having to put me on a plane.

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Evaluate & Escalate is perfect for senior living organizations who want to:

“Working with Rachael has been wonderful! We’ve needed a dementia care program for a long time and she has completely revolutionized what we offer. Now we have life stations, resident engagement, staff education and more. It’s been great.”

—Lisa Sikes, VP of Operations at Cardinal Senior Management

Custom Program Design & Training

Ready to invest in a truly custom program that you can call your own?

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Each senior living organization is unique, and your dementia care program should be, too. I believe that there is no cookie cutter program out there that comes close to what I offer with this individualized approach.

When I work with you to design your program, we’ll consider each of these areas:

And then I’ll help you custom-create a program for your organization, that you can brand and call your own. 

That’s right, you retain all the intellectual property rights and there are no ongoing fees or licensing requirements.

I’ll help you train your staff, roll out the program to your families, and market your new program to the community.

Sound like exactly what you need?

The first step is for us to jump on a call and I’ll talk you through the process.

All of my long term projects kick off with an Evaluate & Escalate session (you can see more details on that here and we will talk through that in our call. I will also explain what it will look like for us to work together long term to create your custom program.

Check out what Capital Senior Living was able to accomplish after working with me for 12 months:

“While the benefits to residents have been palpable, according to Ribar and Lody, the Magnolia Trails model should also bring business improvements. The first community to pilot this approach saw occupancy increase from 69% to 100% with a wait list, and average monthly rent increased 5%. In Q3 2020, average occupancy across Capital Senior Living’s same-community consolidated memory care units was 75%, and average monthly rent for that period was $4,707.”

The second step in working with me is to decide on our timeframe.

Each of my offers includes access to Dementia By Day School and monthly support group webinars for your residents’ families. 

3 MONTH – $25,000
6 MONTH – $45,000
12 MONTH – $75,000

“We worked with Rachael through her 6-month consulting program, during which she created for us a train-the-trainer dementia education program for both our caregivers and our clients’ families. We didn’t have a program like this previously, and knew we needed something to keep us competitive. Rachael’s Embrace Their Reality technique matches our belief of meeting people where they are and the way we want to reach our clients.”

—Mike Hollen, Chief Innovation Officer at Asbury Home Services

Dementia By Day School

Whether for one individual or your entire staff, make meeting your state-mandated training hours fun, relevant, and easy to manage!

This program will elevate your dementia care programs, leading to happier staff, residents, and family members.

Did I mention it’s actually fun? It’s also interactive (monthly coaching calls for the win!)

“Rachael shared great examples that helped connect the learner back to each principle being taught. The topics covered were thorough and reached beyond the normal parameters of training. The way a space feels is important, programming and engagement are essential, reporting structure, family support; Rachael does a wonderful job exploring all the important pieces to dementia care. It was refreshing to see that incorporated.”

—Amber Dahle, VP of Memory Care and Life Enrichment at Northstar Senior Living

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Bulk Book Orders

Special bulk pricing for organizations who want to offer books to their staff and families. It’s a great way to introduce the Embrace Their Reality™ approach.

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Live Webinar + Recording

A 1-hour “Everything You Need To Know About Dementia” webinar with Rachael that you can use to train your whole staff or educate residents’ family members on the Embrace Their Reality™ approach.

Freebies & E-Kits

Get the “Crush Your Move-In Quota” training for free and check out our inexpensive e-kits to get a taste of the Dementia By Day approach to bringing out the best in your dementia care programming.

Hey there, I’m Rachael.

A Dementia Care Consultant with a new approach to dementia care.

I believe dementia gives us gifts. Gifts that we shouldn’t reject. 

I advocate ditching the word ‘lying’ when working in Dementia caregiving.

I believe that the kinder way to communicate with people living with dementia is to Embrace Their Reality ™. This is often different to what you normally hear in dementia care.

But, when we Embrace Their Reality, we actually enter their world, no matter where it is.

We stop worrying about “lying” and start worrying about what’s true for the person living with the cognitive impairment—even if it feels totally foreign to us.

What makes me qualified to talk about this?

I have a Master’s in Gerontology.

I’m the author of 2 (soon to be 3) books with Johns Hopkins University Press.

I share my content with care partners of all types, all over the world:

Have some questions?

No problem. Book a free, no-obligation 30 minute call with me.

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