Work With Me

“What does it look like to work with you?”

I get it: we haven’t worked together before, so you’re hesitant to jump right in with me! That makes sense! This is why I’ve established an easy, low-cost step before we engage in longer-term, more expensive consulting offers—I really want to make sure that we’re a good fit to work together! Check out Step One below!

Put simply, when you engage me for 3, 6 or 12 months, I work on ALL aspects of your dementia care program: marketing and branding, interior design, daily programming, dining, staff education and hiring practices, the list goes on. Because of privacy matters, I’m often unable to share with you exactly what I’m doing for each of my clients, but I am able to show you a website that I designed with one of favorite clients, Cardinal Senior Management!

Working with Rachael has been wonderful! We’ve needed a dementia care program for a long time and she has completely revolutionized what we offer. Now we have life stations, resident engagement, staff education and more. It’s been great.

Lisa Sikes, VP of Operations for Cardinal Senior Management

STEP ONE: Evaluate & Escalate

Discovery call + roadmap


This is the best way to bring in my expertise without having to put me on a plane. Here’s the deal: we talk for 2 hours and I create a program roadmap and structure for you.

This is perfect for companies who want a unique program and a taste of what a consultant could bring to the table. Already have a program? Let’s make it even better. The $2,000 includes the interview and ideas just for you.

Are you in the middle of a transition and afraid things are “too crazy right now” to begin working on a program? That’s the BEST TIME to talk with me! I create a plan for where you’re headed.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you concerned that other companies are offering customized dementia care programs while your company isn’t?
  • Has it been a while since you brought in a fresh perspective to help you get another look at your dementia care program?
  • What would it feel like to have prospects convert into move-ins faster and with way less stress for your staff?

Evaluate & Escalate felt like a checkup with the doctor! Rachael knew just what to ask to get to the heart of the matter.

Mark Goetz, President at Home Care Advocacy Network

STEP TWO: Hands-On Consulting Offers

Program development, training + more that we outlined in Evaluate & Escalate

$20,000 and up

These are my dementia care program overhauls for companies who know they can do better. Offer your residents and residents’ families the best possible care with live, tailored-to-your-team staff and family workshops, resident activity program design, train-the-trainer materials, and more so that you can continue to elevate your care. Two of my three programs come with access to DEMENTIA BY DAY SCHOOL + Certification!

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