What about bathing, eating, toileting, sleeping, and more?

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Bathing, eating, toileting, sleeping, and more

Below you’ll find a list of blog topics that speak to activities of daily living in dementia care. Click the name of the topic to read the post.

Should he be driving, still?

10 ways to get them to eat more

Individuals are always individuals

The importance of oxygen

Making Your Stairs Safer For Someone With Dementia

Clean hands = feeling good

Use music to completely change the day of someone with dementia

SOLVE their fear of water

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Use The Toilet

“He sleeps all day!”

The Importance of Flooring Selections in Dementia Care Communities – Designing for Dementia

5 reasons they’re watching TV or sleeping all day

HOW TO: Make a Bathroom More Relaxing – Designing for Dementia

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