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Working with Rachael has been wonderful! We’ve needed a dementia care program for a long time and she has completely revolutionized what we offer. Now we have life stations, resident engagement, staff education and more. It’s been great.

Lisa Sikes, VP of Operations at Cardinal Senior Management

Rachael writes blog posts and content for Enlivant, and has been doing so for several years. Our caregivers benefit greatly from her fresh ideas, and Enlivant benefits from ongoing content and communication with residents’ families.

John Hoffmann, Director of Marketing at Enlivant

We actually held-off enrolling in a dementia training because we couldn’t find anything that the care staff could really utilize during an 8-hour shift with our residents. Dementia By Day School, however, is so applicable and the team is enjoying and learning from it! The other day the care staff asked about our new carpet installation—they’d just watched the interior design portion of the course and were wondering if the carpet provided enough contrast for the residents! 

Lucy Boxrud, President at Elysian Senior Homes

We worked with Rachael through her 6-month consulting program, during which she created for us a train-the-trainer dementia education program for both our caregivers and our clients’ families. We didn’t have a program like this previously, and knew we needed something to keep us competitive. Rachael’s Embrace Their Reality technique matches our belief of meeting people where they are and the way we want to reach our clients. 

Mike Hollen, Chief Innovation Officer at Asbury Home Services

Rachael completed a webinar for us that has succeeded in building powerful partnerships between memory care and marketing professionals. Her refreshing presentation has led our organization to offer families and friends copies of “When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community.” Everyone has benefitted from Rachael’s simple and entertaining presentation style. Her tips, techniques and perspectives are easily appreciated by not only families and friends of persons living with dementia but also, nursing assistants, programming associates and department heads alike. Our collaboration with Dementia By Day continues to empower Benchmark to prioritize effective strategies for human connection in the face of dementia.

Michelle Tristani, Corporate Director of Memory Care at Benchmark Senior Living

Rachael was such an amazing speaker and teacher while she consulted with Sundance Memory Care. Her knowledge on dementia and how to truly understand and embrace the perspective of each and every family and resident was exceptional. I highly recommend her to speak, lead, and consult at any level for dementia care.

Matt Stanley, CEO and Founder of Sundance Memory Care

Rachael helped take best practices from several of our communities, our clinical leadership team, and her own experience to create a cohesive and best in class program. Thanks to Rachael for helping us create a best in class program for memory care!

Meghan M., Program currently in development

Rachael’s consulting program is excellent! Our care staff loved her training and remained totally engaged throughout the whole week. We are now better prepared to give our residents the care and understanding they need and to support our resident families with confidence. She helped us with our engagement activities and daily activity calendars. We are now Dementia By Day Certified!  We will definitely have her back for further training! Thank you Rachael!

Tracy Sneed, Owner of Remember Me Senior Care

We are very impressed by Rachael’s depth of hands-on experience addressing dementia at all stages. Having worked hands-on with hundreds of residents at home and in care communities, she teaches by anecdote, and her insights have energized our team and our residents’ families to make meaningful connections with people who have dementia.

Todd Pang, Owner of Caring Manoa Assisted Living

“When Someone You Know…” is the BEST book I have read about dementia. I’ve read a lot of books on dementia, but this is absolutely the best one. It’s so real and true. Rachael really gets to the heart of dementia caregiving.

Kim Salvio, Dementia Care Director at Baptist Homes

As one of the first board-certified geriatricians in the United States thirty years ago, I would like to enthusiastically affirm the wise and practical utility of Rachael Wonderlin’s approach to the common problem of how to ease the distress and mitigate the behavioral difficulties so commonly seen among those who suffer from the dementias. In the process, Rachael also eases the distress of those who care for and about them.

Dr. Barry Farkas, Geriatrician

There is something for everyone in her workshops, regardless of how much or little experience you have working with dementia. Rachael interacts with the class and makes the learning experience enjoyable. We are looking forward to a continued partnership with Rachael and appreciate the knowledge she is sharing with us all. 

Dave Drauch, Owner of BrightStar Home Care

This workshop was absolutely fantastic! It was in one of the best I’ve attended throughout my many years in healthcare. Rachael did an awesome job providing invaluable information and tools to assist us both professionally and personally. I appreciated her comprehensive approach with visual tools along with staff interaction and participation to further illustrate the subject. Her generosity with both her time and knowledge in allowing us to ask questions was extremely useful. I learned a great deal from her in how to work with clients and families facing the challenges of dementia with her practical suggestions and recommendations.

Mary Elson, “Everything You Need to Know About Dementia Workshop,” attendee

Rachael is someone I reach out to on a regular basis with questions about anything dementia-related. She is an amazing resource, and is so excited about what she does! I admire her passion for educating people about dementia, and for providing programming that will give dementia residents purpose and inspiration.

Amanda Nowak, The Simple Home Interior Design

Rachael did an outstanding job redesigning the unit. Our residents took to the changes immediately, and their families are more than pleased to see that we were able to refresh the area with their loved one’s best interest in mind. She was easy to work with, offered value-added feedback, and truly came across as passionate and knowledgeable about the patient population. ManorCare Health Center – North Hills would gladly recommend Rachael to any facility or agency that could benefit from her expertise in this area.

Lauren Solosky, Human Resources Director at HCR ManorCare

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