What would YOU want, if you had dementia?

I received a great question from a reader just the other day on my blog:  I was told that I have early onset dementia about 5 years ago. My Dad and 4 of his siblings have died or have Alzheimer’s. I try to learn as much as I can about dementia care. I was just […]

Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online

Our workshop is officially ONLINE which means you can take it from wherever (and whenever) you want! This is a cool opportunity for you to see how improvisational comedy works with dementia caregiving, especially if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, PA for our workshops. We travel, so we’re happy to come to you, but […]

5 steps to get you into the world of someone with dementia I had someone tell me recently that they’d used my Embracing Their Reality techniques when talking to their mother with dementia. “I told her that we were going to see her parents, and she looked confused. She was talking about her parents the week […]

How one woman got her husband to agree to attend adult day care

She knew that she’d have a hard time getting her husband, Ben, into adult day care. Ben loved working, and now that he was retired and had dementia, he still liked to find projects to do. Convincing him that he could benefit from adult day care certainly wasn’t going to work (and doing this with […]

“I feel like I’m walking on eggshells.”

I met Ansel’s wife, Megan, when the home care agency I work with sent me to visit their home. Ansel has vascular dementia and is in a moderate stage of the disease. Ansel’s wife, however, is bearing the brunt of this disease herself. “I’m exhausted,” she sighed when we sat down on the couch to talk. […]

“Her memory is terrible, but she doesn’t have dementia” and other statements by people in denial

“Well, mom probably forgot to call you back. I told her to do it, but her memory is just terrible,” Megan’s daughter said. “She doesn’t have dementia, though.” What! Of COURSE mom has dementia. This was later confirmed when I met Megan and found that, indeed, her memory and decision-making skills were quite lacking. She was […]

“He sleeps all day!”

Most people with dementia, especially in later stages, will sleep all day if you let them.  A lot of caregivers come to me with the same problem. “I don’t know what to do! He/she sleeps all day. Is that normal?” It’s normal, if you let it be normal. Most people with dementia will err on the […]

If your loved one is doing any of these 5 things, they shouldn’t be home alone

A lot of people will tell me that they’ve “got a plan” or that they’ve “worked out a system” for their loved one to be at home alone, unsupervised, for hours at a time.  I’ll often take a deep breath and listen to their “plan,” only to feel bad as I’m telling them how dangerous […]

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