The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down

“She’ll sit down on couches, in a chair, wherever—but I cannot get her to sit down on the toilet!” one of our Resident Assistants, Brittany, sighed in our morning meeting. “Susannah gets really stiff and tries to hold her pants up,” she continued. Susannah is incredibly pleasant, but she is also in a moderately advancedContinue reading “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down”

An Imaginary Marriage

“Henry! Get your keys, we gotta go!” “I can’t find my keys, Irene! Where did you put them!” “I didn’t put your keys anywhere! Where did you lose them!” They argued like a married couple, but they were not actually married. Jeff and Ellen were two of my residents who believed that they had beenContinue reading “An Imaginary Marriage”

5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.

I wrote an article a while back called “16 Things That I Would Want If I Got Dementia.” Then I started thinking, how will dementia caregiving change in the future? How will the world change in 10 years? 20 years? While it is tough to predict the future, I know what my day-to-day needs areContinue reading “5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.”

They all think I’m crazy.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” she screamed. “They are dangerous people and they’re after us! They think I’m crazy but I know the truth!” It was dinnertime, and she was upset, to say the least. If our residents get agitated, (which honestly, isn’t often) it’s usually in the late afternoon. You may haveContinue reading “They all think I’m crazy.”

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