Memory Care: Locked vs. Secured Units

As if choosing a dementia care community for a loved one isn’t confusing enough as it is, there are actually two different types of care units to decide between.  While the community where I currently work is the third care community I’ve worked in, it is the first not-locked unit. Instead of being a “locked” community,Continue reading “Memory Care: Locked vs. Secured Units”

Found: Dog

Adding the stuffed animals from Memorable Pets to our community was an immediate upgrade. The cats and dogs were a welcome sight to many of our residents who had always loved animals. Although many of them could no longer care for a living animal, these stuffed ones provided the same amount of comfort and happiness asContinue reading “Found: Dog”

1, 2, 3.

“Hm, hmm, oh, wow,” Carol* said, touching some of the puzzle pieces on the table. She picked one up and turned it around in her hands, staring at it with a faint smile. “Well, yes, this is really…this is really something,” she mused. Carol is in a later stage of Alzheimer’s disease. She loves to touchContinue reading “1, 2, 3.”

Going Out.

“That was fun. Thank you for taking us out,” Vera* said, getting off the bus. I genuinely enjoy outings with residents. I usually try to take another employee with me to help out or drive the bus, but oftentimes it’s just me. Here are just a few of the places we’ve been: Animal shelters CoffeeContinue reading “Going Out.”


One of my favorite parts of caring for individuals with dementia is watching their interactions with one another. Think of any classroom you’ve ever been in: there are countless personalities, numerous lifestyles, and genuinely different types of people to account for. A memory care community is the same as any other large group of people,Continue reading “Resident-to-Resident.”

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