3 things you can do to cope with repetitive questions

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! “Where am I?” Nathan asked. “Where’s my room?”  We’d showed Nathan his room about 15 times that day, and it was getting exhausting. I wasContinue reading “3 things you can do to cope with repetitive questions”

Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions

Like many people with dementia, Lucille had a “phrase” that she used often. Well, it wasn’t so much a “phrase” as it was a line of questioning that she asked every 10-20 minutes.  “HEY!” she’d call, whenever she saw me. “What time of day is it?” or “HEY! What day of the week is it?”  Fortunately for Lucille (and,Continue reading “Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions”

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