How Joe stopped arguing with his mom

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! “Mom’s room is a mess!” Joe complained. “Every time I go in there, we argue about her clothes! She’s got them strewn all over theContinue reading “How Joe stopped arguing with his mom”

The man who mistook his wife for…another woman

“You’d better let me in her room,” Bill said sternly to the nurse outside the door. “That’s my wife in there.” The nurse was giving Bill a hard time. “That’s not your wife,” she argued back. Of course, this made Bill even more angry. “How would you know what my wife looks like!” he demanded. Indeed, that wasContinue reading “The man who mistook his wife for…another woman”

A Breakup, Part 2.

“Oh, wasn’t that so wonderful?” Rachel sighed happily, climbing into the bus. We had just visited a local daycare to read to some children there. Although I had taken my residents nearly every Tuesday for months, it was Rachel’s first time joining us.  I wrote a story a few weeks ago about Rachel* and Matthew*.Continue reading “A Breakup, Part 2.”

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