A Christmas Story.

It was time to set up the Christmas trees around the community. I feared that I would have to do it all myself, and the task was daunting. Boxes and boxes of ornaments, lights, and decorations were piled up in our outdoor shed.  After the main tree had been set up in the foyer, IContinue reading “A Christmas Story.”

Lewy Body.

I recently had a resident’s husband come up to me and ask about moving his wife to another room. “I think Bethany* should be in her own room, not sharing one,” he said. “Why’s that?” I asked. “Is she not getting along with her roommate?” “No, it’s not that…it’s just that, well, she’s seeing things.Continue reading “Lewy Body.”

Dementia Is Not A Time Machine.

Originally written for Alzheimer’s Reading Room. “She’s reverting back to how she was when she was a child,” you’ll hear people say. Nobody with dementia is going back in time. Dementia is not a time machine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people make a connection between child-like behavior and the behaviorContinue reading “Dementia Is Not A Time Machine.”

An Old Friend.

I had taken a few of my residents out to lunch when I noticed a woman across the restaurant quietly observing us. It’s not uncommon for me to get a few looks or smiles when I’m out with my residents, but this woman looked as though she wanted to speak to us. A minute passed,Continue reading “An Old Friend.”

Going Out.

“That was fun. Thank you for taking us out,” Vera* said, getting off the bus. I genuinely enjoy outings with residents. I usually try to take another employee with me to help out or drive the bus, but oftentimes it’s just me. Here are just a few of the places we’ve been: Animal shelters CoffeeContinue reading “Going Out.”

Mrs. Washington DC

“You know, you had everything going for you. You were smart, beautiful, you had it all together, you could have been…Mrs. Washington DC! And now look at you! You started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and you’re going down the wrong path,” she said, very seriously, less than a foot away from me.  Continue reading “Mrs. Washington DC”

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