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Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions

Like many people with dementia, Lucille had a “phrase” that she used often. Well, it wasn’t so much a “phrase” as it was a line of questioning

What is the difference between early-stage dementia and early-onset dementia?

YouTube Q&A!

Have a question? Get it answered via YouTube video! Email short, concise questions to rachaelwonderlin(at)gmail.com by Sunday, Oct. 9th and receive a video answer posted

Have a question? Ask me LIVE!

I’m debuting a new program where readers (and new visitors to my site!) can ask me questions live over the phone. How does it work? 

If I Tell Him Enough, He Will Remember.

So many caregivers feel that if they tell their loved one with dementia something enough times, that piece of information will stay with them.  “Dad,

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