Only 3 Questions You Need in Dementia Caregiving

These are my best 3 tried-and-true questions that you need in dementia caregiving. Are you ready? 1. “Where do you think they are?” This is the question that you’re going to use with someone who has dementia when they are talking about a loved one who has passed away. For example, perhaps your mom is […]

3 things you can do to cope with repetitive questions

“Where am I?” Nathan asked. “Where’s my room?”  We’d showed Nathan his room about 15 times that day, and it was getting exhausting. I was new to dementia care, and wanted to “solve” this “behavioral issue” with some creativity. Here was the issue, though: you can’t stop repetitive questions. You can, perhaps, distract the person for […]

Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions

Like many people with dementia, Lucille had a “phrase” that she used often. Well, it wasn’t so much a “phrase” as it was a line of questioning that she asked every 10-20 minutes.  “HEY!” she’d call, whenever she saw me. “What time of day is it?” or “HEY! What day of the week is it?”  Fortunately for Lucille (and, […]

Have a question? Ask me LIVE!

I’m debuting a new program where readers (and new visitors to my site!) can ask me questions live over the phone. How does it work?  $25 will get you an hour-long phone call with me. I’ll answer any of your dementia-related questions to the best of my ability. We’ll problem-solve and troubleshoot your loved one’s […]

If I Tell Him Enough, He Will Remember.

So many caregivers feel that if they tell their loved one with dementia something enough times, that piece of information will stay with them.  “Dad, remember to call me every day after dinner.” “Aunt Nancy, you have to let the doctor see you tomorrow. Don’t get frustrated with the doctor and push him away.” “Your […]

Is It Really Late-Stage Alzheimer’s?

Email Question: “My husband is 84 has had AD for approx 8 years. According to Dr he is mid stage 6. Except for not remembering, his  basic skills are very good, grooming, dressing, walking, conversation. He can read anything you give him including newspapers and read aloud in context and discuss parts of what he […]

My mother always is waiting for someone to take her home to her mother home. Most times this is late afternoon and she does definitely suffer from sundowners. Many times we can distract her and say tomorrow knowing that she won’t remember it but sometimes it really upsets her as she won’t be distracted. Do you have any suggestions

We have a lot of residents who feel the same way later in the afternoon. – Does something trigger her anxiety? For example, we have a resident who starts yelling for her parents, but after we give her something to eat, she calms down because she’s usually just hungry.  – I would find out if […]

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