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“We’re home.”

A story shared with me by one of my residents’ daughters. Her mother is one of my favorite residents. She does a lot of walking,

Talking Aphasia

One of my favorite things is when someone with dementia, who doesn’t normally speak, speaks to me. It happens every once in a while. I’ve

A new way to keep residents safe

The first “bookshelf door” went so well at my dementia care community that I bought another one! This was the first one I ordered off of

Suggestibility & Dementia

“Anna, do you want to come with us to get some ice cream?” I asked her. We were going on a bus ride and stopping

I’m helping to recruit patients for a new research study on Alzheimer’s disease medication! Click here to find out if you qualify. It only takes

Changing the Conversation

I watched, biting my lip, as Jason tried explaining to his mom that her sister had died. “Hey mom, remember my name?” Jason started. Aw,

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