A new way to keep residents safe

The first “bookshelf door” went so well at my dementia care community that I bought another one! This was the first one I ordered off of Amazon (see link here) so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good as the one that local students made for us. I am happy to sayContinue reading “A new way to keep residents safe”

How your vision and perception changes in dementia

About a month ago, I put a vinyl decal of a bookshelf over one of our doors in Memory Care. It was a test, in my mind, to see if we could prevent residents from trying to exit through the door. I’m happy to report that the bookshelf decal absolutely has worked. While a coupleContinue reading “How your vision and perception changes in dementia”

Black Holes

Linda reached her hand out, trying to catch the elevator door as it closed.  “Hang on, Linda!” I called out.  “What!” she yelled back at me. “I’m just trying to go downstairs!” We were having an issue with our residents attempting to go downstairs in the elevator. This normally would not be an issue, but whenContinue reading “Black Holes”

Walk The Line.

Joan strolled confidently down the hallway. Even with Alzheimer’s, she is very capable. Joan can hold long conversations, eat, drink, and bathe without much assistance, and she can walk quickly with the help of a cane. This is why I was surprised when I saw what she did next. Joan walked by me and suddenlyContinue reading “Walk The Line.”

The Cat’s Meow.

                                   Ellen* has Dementia with Lewy Bodies, so it makes her a little different from our other residents with Alzheimer’s disease. For the most part, Ellen keeps to herself. She can usually be found in her room with theContinue reading “The Cat’s Meow.”

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