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Artwork done by my residents with dementia Source: dementia-by-day.com

“She has heels on.”

Lois is very active at the community. She is generally very excitable, very happy, and very sociable. She does, however, get anxious easily. Lois enjoys

The Artist

Despite my experience working in dementia care, I still make mistakes sometimes. I have learned from them, though, and I tend not to make them

Active Minds

Active Minds (http://www.active-minds.co.uk/) was gracious enough to send me one of their products to try out and review. Active Minds makes great products and kits

Artwork by my residents. The tree was already on the canvas, but the residents use Q-Tips to decorate the tree.

My residents all have varying forms and degrees of dementia. This is what I got when we gave some of our residents paint, paintbrushes, and

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