Use music to completely change the day of someone with dementia

It was really challenging to get Kayla ready in the morning. She didn’t want to eat, dress, or even—really—get out of bed at all. Her family was becoming exhausted with the “morning routine” since it took a long time when she was sleepy. One day, Kayla’s daughter had put on some music in the background to keepContinue reading “Use music to completely change the day of someone with dementia”

Can you still play

Samuel is a very “tactile” person. By that I mean, he touches everything. He spends most of his day either sleeping or walking around the care community, picking things up, moving them around, putting them in his pants, or just admiring them. Picking up items and moving them around is a really common dementia symptom. ForContinue reading “Can you still play”

The easy addition of music

“They don’t really like music, so we stopped playing it,” one of the caregivers told me.  “Okay,” I replied. I knew, at this point, there was no point in arguing about it—it was much easier to show them the change music can make. I also knew that the assertion that the “residents didn’t like music” wasContinue reading “The easy addition of music”

I Can’t Play

“She used to play by ear,” her daughters had told me. “She was really good.” Knowing this, I wheeled Samantha towards the piano. She was agitated, and crying out for assistance. I had a feeling that the piano may calm her down. “No, no, no, no,” Samantha said. “I don’t know any songs…I can’t play…I don’t knowContinue reading “I Can’t Play”

5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.

I wrote an article a while back called “16 Things That I Would Want If I Got Dementia.” Then I started thinking, how will dementia caregiving change in the future? How will the world change in 10 years? 20 years? While it is tough to predict the future, I know what my day-to-day needs areContinue reading “5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.”

The Piano Player.

Joyce* loves to play the piano. When I first arrived at my dementia care community, I was impressed by her song repertoire. I realized pretty quickly, however, that Joyce played the same five songs over, and over, and over again. There are a couple of other residents that play, but the piano essentially “belongs” toContinue reading “The Piano Player.”

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