What does “getting a dementia diagnosis” look like?

Are you thinking about getting a more in-depth dementia diagnosis for yourself or a loved one? If you aren’t, you may want to consider it.  I visited University of Pittsburgh’s Montefiore Hospital and did a two-day observation of their interdisciplinary team’s diagnosis process. The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) is a fantastic place to goContinue reading “What does “getting a dementia diagnosis” look like?”

Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions

Like many people with dementia, Lucille had a “phrase” that she used often. Well, it wasn’t so much a “phrase” as it was a line of questioning that she asked every 10-20 minutes.  “HEY!” she’d call, whenever she saw me. “What time of day is it?” or “HEY! What day of the week is it?”  Fortunately for Lucille (and,Continue reading “Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions”

5 Ways to Embrace the Reality of Someone with Dementia

1. Recognize that the world you live in may not be the same world that your friend with dementia lives in. Your friend may think that it is 1960. If she thinks it’s 1960, it’s 1960.  2. Agree—even when you know they’re wrong. “Today is the 4th of July,” your friend says on December 12th.Continue reading “5 Ways to Embrace the Reality of Someone with Dementia”

In Paris

Malinda was notorious for “shopping” in other residents’ closets. Because she felt like the whole floor was her house, she had no qualms about going into other people’s rooms and picking up their stuff. More often than not, Malinda had at least 2 layers of clothing on. At least one pair of pants, usually a sweaterContinue reading “In Paris”

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