You’d better learn how to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! So many family caregivers will say to me, “But mom/dad/aunt/brother/spouse will not let me…” Take the car Move them into a care community Pay theContinue reading “You’d better learn how to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission”

Tune in to episode 3 of my podcast here or anywhere you listen to podcasts! Do people living with schizophrenia have an increased risk of getting dementia? How big of an impact does depression have on dementia, and vice-versa? What is trauma-informed care? This episode sponsored by Pure Vita Co., a medical supply company: http://www.purevitaco.comContinue reading

Understanding the limitations of a person with dementia

A reader of my blog wrote in recently to ask me about a woman who was taking care of her mother. This woman was trying to get her mom with advanced dementia to sit at a table, eat with utensils, hold and pay attention to conversation, and eat regular foods. The reader was frustrated byContinue reading “Understanding the limitations of a person with dementia”

A Goodbye Party

I avoid putting myself in these posts as much as possible, but this post will have to be an exception to the rule.  I had my last day with Brookdale Senior Living and I am moving on to another state and a new company, where I’ll be working as a Memory Care Director. I’m reallyContinue reading “A Goodbye Party”

5 Things to Buy a Person With Dementia

1. Memorable Pet: The stuffed animals that Memorable Pets offer are beautiful and ship quickly. I purchased a cat and two dogs for my residents at our dementia care community. The residents love them and usually believe that they are real. 2. Parrot: If you follow Alzheimer’s Reading Room, you’ve surely seen this parrot. HeContinue reading “5 Things to Buy a Person With Dementia”

Bilingual Bowling

“We are bowling. Bowwwwlllllliiinngggg,” Clementine offered, dragging out the word and making a bowling motion with her hand. “Come bowl with us,” she said to her new friend. Clementine was attempting to persuade Astrid to join her for a game in the common area. The problem was that Astrid spoke German, and Clementine spoke onlyContinue reading “Bilingual Bowling”

Easy Bathing.

I walked into one of our “Spa Rooms” to wash my hands. It’s one of three rooms where we help our residents take baths or showers.  I paused and looked around. No wonder no residents want to bathe in here, I thought. It looks like a hospital bathroom! Think about your bathroom at home. You’veContinue reading “Easy Bathing.”

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down.

“She’ll sit down on couches, in a chair, wherever—but I cannot get her to sit down on the toilet!” one of our Resident Assistants, Brittany, sighed in our morning meeting. “Susannah gets really stiff and tries to hold her pants up,” she continued. Susannah is incredibly pleasant, but she is also in a moderately advancedContinue reading “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down.”

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