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The residents at the dementia care community felt like the Nurses’ Station looked like a soda fountain counter, so I turned it into one. www.dementia-by-day.com

Things we can’t forget

“Please! Does anyone have a copy of today’s paper!” Mattie hollered across the room. “I’d like to read the paper!“ Some of our residents received

A Tough Conversation

Usually, when a visitor to our community tries to “correct” one of my residents, I jump in and try to save the conversation. For example,

“Dad, do you remember my name?”

Oh, please don’t ask him that, I thought to myself. The old man stood in the doorway, smiling, confused; an uncertain grin, looking at his

A new way to keep residents safe

The first “bookshelf door” went so well at my dementia care community that I bought another one! This was the first one I ordered off of

“Get this old lady outta here.”

“Hey. Hey. Hey! Gwendoline, come over here,” Bethany said. My name is not Gwendoline, but that is often what Bethany calls me. Bethany is a

Attachment to Objects

Many of my residents are very attached to particular items. This can become an issue when those objects go missing, which happens often. I once

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