How to move mom into assisted living without a battle

I get asked about moving loved ones to dementia care communities all the time. Families usually feel guilty, panicked, and concerned that their loved one with dementia will be very angry with them. Here are some of my favorite tips to make it go smoother! Order my book and get a whole chapter on thisContinue reading “How to move mom into assisted living without a battle”

The Cat Knew

“When did you guys get a cat?” Betsy’s daughter, Tina, asked. “Just two weeks ago,” I said. “Why?” Tina explained that the Memory Care unit cat, Fred Astaire, looked just like the cat that her family had growing up. She was surprised, and happy, to walk into her mother’s room one day and see him sittingContinue reading “The Cat Knew”

There’s Friendship in Dementia

A pair of my residents walked down the hall together. Joyce was hand in hand with her new friend, Darlene. Joyce stopped and looked at me carefully.  “Have you seen ‘Melissa’ around here anywhere?” she asked me. I cracked a smile, but tried not to laugh. “Melissa” was Darlene’s daughter’s name. Darlene tended to perseverate on theContinue reading “There’s Friendship in Dementia”

The Memory Care Cat

I did something this week that I’ve been hoping to do for a while: I picked out a cat for our Memory Care Neighborhood at work. The executive director of our community met me at the local animal shelter to help find the right cat. Immediately upon entering the “cat room,” I saw a sign forContinue reading “The Memory Care Cat”

8 Reasons it’s Time to Move to Memory Care

People often ask me how they will know when it’s the “right time” to move someone into Memory Care. There is no official perfect time, but these 8 tips may help guide you in the right direction. 1. You’re taking care of your loved one at home and he or she is waking up…a lot. YouContinue reading “8 Reasons it’s Time to Move to Memory Care”

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down

“She’ll sit down on couches, in a chair, wherever—but I cannot get her to sit down on the toilet!” one of our Resident Assistants, Brittany, sighed in our morning meeting. “Susannah gets really stiff and tries to hold her pants up,” she continued. Susannah is incredibly pleasant, but she is also in a moderately advancedContinue reading “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down”

Once A Nurse

Holly spends most of her days talking about her job as a nurse. She is busy with charting, checking on her older adult patients, and instructing other nurses. She does not work as an RN anymore, however, because she has dementia and lives at my community.  Holly, though, believes that she is still a nurse.Continue reading “Once A Nurse”

The Shirt Struggle

Cassandra was sitting in the dining room in her wheelchair, getting angry at one of our caregivers. “Cassandra, please give me your shirt so we can put it back on you,” the caregiver pleaded, offering her hand for the shirt. Cassandra had begun disrobing in the dining room. “No, no, no!” Cassandra yelled as the caregiver triedContinue reading “The Shirt Struggle”

A Gift For A Friend

Jeff and Bill had become really good friends. Bill had lived at our community for quite a while, and Jeff was a new resident. Although Jeff was more high-functioning than Bill was, they always sat together at mealtimes. The pair chatted on and on about what they did for a living, where they lived, andContinue reading “A Gift For A Friend”

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