Why “remember?” doesn’t work

Very often I’ll watch caregivers interact with their loved ones who have dementia. And, very often, I’ll hear them repeat this phrase: “Remember, I told you that…?” It’s a real pet peeve of mine. Your loved one with dementia doesn’t remember. What happens when you ask them… “Do you remember what you had for breakfast?” “Don’tContinue reading “Why “remember?” doesn’t work”

“I told you seven times already.”

“Your room is right there! I told you seven times already!” I was walking up the hallway when I witnessed this exchange. One of my residents, Jen, sat on the couch near her room. She often got anxious, forgot why she was there, and couldn’t figure out where her room was. Her sitter (a caregiverContinue reading ““I told you seven times already.””

Lewy Body.

I recently had a resident’s husband come up to me and ask about moving his wife to another room. “I think Bethany* should be in her own room, not sharing one,” he said. “Why’s that?” I asked. “Is she not getting along with her roommate?” “No, it’s not that…it’s just that, well, she’s seeing things.Continue reading “Lewy Body.”

Do You Remember?

I try hard, every day, to avoid using the word “remember” at work. You never know what someone does or does not remember, and I don’t want to quiz anyone. I once heard a visitor ask a resident, “Do you remember me?” I cringed. “Of course!” I heard my resident exclaim, giving the woman aContinue reading “Do You Remember?”

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