Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online

Our workshop is officially ONLINE which means you can take it from wherever (and whenever) you want! This is a cool opportunity for you to see how improvisational comedy works with dementia caregiving, especially if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, PA for our workshops. We travel, so we’re happy to come to you, butContinue reading “Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online”

Give yourself a break: dementia care takes practice

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! I’ve had a lot of people over the years say to me, “Wow! Dementia care? You must be really patient!”  This is actually kind of funnyContinue reading “Give yourself a break: dementia care takes practice”

Stay Here Tonight

“Can I stay here tonight?” Alice asked, looking up at me from her seat on the hallway couch. Alice lived at our community, but she did not remember that. She would sometimes ask to go home, while other times she would ask to stay overnight. The human brain is very pattern-seeking. Because Alice lived withContinue reading “Stay Here Tonight”

Sharp & Dangerous Objects

I was visiting a local community when I wandered into the dining room. Looking around, I made eye contact with one of the residents. “She needs a knife to cut this,” the resident said, motioning to her table partner. I looked at her table, hunting for the butter knife. There wasn’t one. Looking around the room, IContinue reading “Sharp & Dangerous Objects”

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