Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online

Our workshop is officially ONLINE which means you can take it from wherever (and whenever) you want! This is a cool opportunity for you to see how improvisational comedy works with dementia caregiving, especially if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, PA for our workshops. We travel, so we’re happy to come to you, butContinue reading “Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online”

Imagination in the world of dementia

One group that I’ve been working with lately has been a group of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment. While there are definitely people in the group who have do dementia, MCI is considered to be its own diagnosis. MCI is sometimes pre-dementia and sometimes it’s just a marked cognitive decline below the norm. Something thatContinue reading “Imagination in the world of dementia”

Agreeing to Remember: Teaching Dementia Care Through Improv

A friend and I just started a new group, Agreeing to Remember. I’ve been performing improv comedy for over 7 years, and, other than dementia care, it’s my biggest passion. I love being on stage, “playing” with my friends, and creating a world that didn’t exist previously. Improv and positive dementia care have a lot inContinue reading “Agreeing to Remember: Teaching Dementia Care Through Improv”

People with dementia always win arguments

You can’t argue with someone who has dementia. Well, you can, but you are going to lose. Merle’s daughter comes to visit her frequently, but argues with Merle as if repeating herself is going to make her mother understand. “No, mommy!” Rebecca cried out. “I told you, we aren’t going to see daddy, we are goingContinue reading “People with dementia always win arguments”

I’m Not Old Like These People.

“I’ve made a mistake. I came here once to visit this place with all of the elderly people, but I don’t want to be here anymore. All these old people live here,” Mary* whispered to me. Many of my residents do not know how old they are. Every once in a while, Mary will becomeContinue reading “I’m Not Old Like These People.”


In high school I played field hockey. In college I decided that I wanted to adopt something else as my “sport”: improv comedy. I loved improv. I still love improv, even though I don’t perform any longer.  I can honestly say that improv comedy taught me the basics of dementia caregiving, even though I didn’tContinue reading “Improv.”

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