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What IS a nursing home?

My book will be in stores tomorrow! “When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community: Words to Say and Things to Do” covers

Suggestibility & Dementia

“Anna, do you want to come with us to get some ice cream?” I asked her. We were going on a bus ride and stopping

Changing the Conversation

I watched, biting my lip, as Jason tried explaining to his mom that her sister had died. “Hey mom, remember my name?” Jason started. Aw,

“She has heels on.”

Lois is very active at the community. She is generally very excitable, very happy, and very sociable. She does, however, get anxious easily. Lois enjoys

An Imaginary Marriage

“Henry! Get your keys, we gotta go!” “I can’t find my keys, Irene! Where did you put them!” “I didn’t put your keys anywhere! Where

Snack Time

One of my favorite parts of every day at my community is when the Snack Cart comes out. I realized when I started here that

Stay Here Tonight

“Can I stay here tonight?” Alice asked, looking up at me from her seat on the hallway couch. Alice lived at our community, but she


“And a one, two, a one, two, three, four,” Tabitha counted out. Her feet tapped rhythmically across the floor as she counted out her dance

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