Fractured Memories: A new book by Emily Page

I’m currently reading a book that Emily Page sent me. She’s an artist and new author of “Fractured Memories,” a story about her father, a man who lost his life to Frontotemporal Dementia, or FTD. Emily’s book is true-to-life, honest, sad, and funny. I’m not finished with it yet, but wanted to share it with myContinue reading “Fractured Memories: A new book by Emily Page”

“I Want To Go Home.”

“When I come to visit, my dad says that he wants to go home,” she said. “I think I should’ve just kept him there…I should’ve take care of him at home.”  I hear this all of the time at my dementia care community. Family members come in, teary-eyed or angry, and suggest that their loved oneContinue reading ““I Want To Go Home.””

“I told you seven times already.”

“Your room is right there! I told you seven times already!” I was walking up the hallway when I witnessed this exchange. One of my residents, Jen, sat on the couch near her room. She often got anxious, forgot why she was there, and couldn’t figure out where her room was. Her sitter (a caregiverContinue reading ““I told you seven times already.””

Frontotemporal Dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease gets a lot of attention. That’s not to say it isn’t warranted, but there are over 70 different causes of dementia. Dementia is really just an “umbrella term” for diseases that cause cognitive decline. I designed an image to help describe this idea. I’ve listed just a few types of dementia, some moreContinue reading “Frontotemporal Dementia.”

Do You Remember?

I try hard, every day, to avoid using the word “remember” at work. You never know what someone does or does not remember, and I don’t want to quiz anyone. I once heard a visitor ask a resident, “Do you remember me?” I cringed. “Of course!” I heard my resident exclaim, giving the woman aContinue reading “Do You Remember?”

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