“Dad knows he’s 98 but still thinks he’s working! How is this possible?”

I had the most lovely conversation with a 98-year-old man a couple days ago. He is in a moderate stage of dementia, very friendly, and clearly very passionate about the work he used to do. When I meet people with dementia, I always quickly assess what REALITY they are living in. I want to ensureContinue reading ““Dad knows he’s 98 but still thinks he’s working! How is this possible?””


One of my favorite parts of caring for individuals with dementia is watching their interactions with one another. Think of any classroom you’ve ever been in: there are countless personalities, numerous lifestyles, and genuinely different types of people to account for. A memory care community is the same as any other large group of people,Continue reading “Resident-to-Resident.”

Everyone can see I’ve been crying.

“I don’t want to sit in there. She’s turned on me, and everyone can see I’ve been crying.” She was sure that her daughter wasn’t coming to visit, and that her daughter hated her for an unknown reason. She was also sure that not eating dinner was a good way to take revenge. All ofContinue reading “Everyone can see I’ve been crying.”

Flowers, a cake, invitations.

“I need a cab!” he said, motioning to the phone. “Oh, where do you need to go?” I asked. “I’m getting married soon,” he smiled. “I need flowers…a cake…invitations…all those things!” I knew that this eighty-something-year-old man probably wasn’t getting married soon, but that didn’t matter. This was his world, and in his world, heContinue reading “Flowers, a cake, invitations.”

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