In dementia world, you can live wherever you want

Picture from Klavon’s in Pittsburgh, PA (2017) I was busy setting up an old fashioned “ice cream parlor” look where the Nurses’ Station was at the dementia care community. The Nurses’ Station wasn’t going anywhere, of course, but it really did make the place look like a hospital. I didn’t want that. I wanted the residentsContinue reading “In dementia world, you can live wherever you want”

Where’s my wife?

Arnold was very easy to talk to. He was friendly, had a good sense of humor, and liked to sing along with the music coming over the radio. Arnold, overall, was pretty “with it” for someone with moderate Alzheimer’s. That’s why I was surprised when he wheeled past me and asked, “Have you seen my wife?”  IContinue reading “Where’s my wife?”

In Paris

Malinda was notorious for “shopping” in other residents’ closets. Because she felt like the whole floor was her house, she had no qualms about going into other people’s rooms and picking up their stuff. More often than not, Malinda had at least 2 layers of clothing on. At least one pair of pants, usually a sweaterContinue reading “In Paris”

Trial and Error and Phones

“Miss, come here, please,” Bill said, flagging me down. “Come look at my phone. It doesn’t work, and I think someone is trying to play jokes on me,” he said, leading me to his room and pointing at the phone. Bill was notorious for having trouble with his phone. It had gotten so bad, in fact,Continue reading “Trial and Error and Phones”

A Mother’s Touch

Every so often, Bill will come walking into our office. Our office door is always open, so it is not uncommon for residents to come in and out. Bill, though, has been very attentive recently. He is probably one of the sweetest men on the planet, too, so this is a welcomed visit. “Wow, IContinue reading “A Mother’s Touch”

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