Wait…did you mean Early Onset or Early Stage?

Yep, there’s a difference between these two phrases and we need to make sure we’re using the correct one! I get asked about terminology in geriatrics probably more than I get asked about anything else. “What’s the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?” “Wait, what’s dementia mean?” “What’s MCI?” “What’s early onset?” I hear these questions a lot, and it’s importantContinue reading “Wait…did you mean Early Onset or Early Stage?”

What is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s?

Bethany knew that she had Alzheimer’s disease. It had begun creeping up on her only a couple years prior, when she realized that she was having trouble driving around town. Bethany had lived in her small town for years, but was suddenly getting lost in familiar places. She was also having trouble with word-finding, oftenContinue reading “What is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s?”

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