Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?

I often meet people who tell me about their loved one’s “behaviors” and ask how to “fix them.” My first question is this: Is that behavior worth worrying about? Let’s take a few examples and decide which ones we should be worried about finding solutions for. They’ve begun to urinate in the house plants, thinkingContinue reading “Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?”

Enter the Gray Area: Communicating with someone living with dementia

“We bring Rachael in for a different perspective,” the nursing school’s professor told her class. “As I said before: do what she says in practice, but remember to write the opposite of what she says when you’re taking your boards.” The class nodded, but I was shocked. “Wait, nursing schools still teach reorientation? I thoughtContinue reading “Enter the Gray Area: Communicating with someone living with dementia”

Stress on the body = stress on the mind

“My Mother has dementia as well as high blood pressure. She is on medication for the blood pressure, but often has blood pressure spikes. Recently, it spiked to 214/82 and required her to go to the ER. Does a spike like this, or even less severe spikes, cause dementia symptoms to become worse temporarily orContinue reading “Stress on the body = stress on the mind”

You’d better learn how to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission

So many family caregivers will say to me, “But mom/dad/aunt/brother/spouse will not let me…” Take the car Move them into a care community Pay the bills for them Take over the healthcare Power of Attorney Send caregivers to the house Do the grocery shopping Make any decisions for them Bring them to the doctor WhatContinue reading “You’d better learn how to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission”

Tune in to episode 3 of my podcast here or anywhere you listen to podcasts! Do people living with schizophrenia have an increased risk of getting dementia? How big of an impact does depression have on dementia, and vice-versa? What is trauma-informed care? This episode sponsored by Pure Vita Co., a medical supply company: www.purevitaco.comContinue reading

How to call someone who isn’t alive anymore

This post is inspired by a question I received the other day on my Facebook page about my podcast. (So many mediums to find me!) Anyway, this reader asked about her mother, who constantly wants to visit and call her own parents. My reader is distraught by how frustrated her mother is—“Why don’t they everContinue reading “How to call someone who isn’t alive anymore”

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