Individuals are always individuals

I leaned against the wall, waiting for the elevator to get to my floor. The cheerful cook who had been working in the kitchen wheeled his dirty plate cart up alongside me.  He was a portly guy, nice, but kind of spacey. I had only had a couple quick conversations with him. He seemed to […]

Senior Care Communities: Just because they look nice, doesn’t mean they are

“I moved my dad into the nicest place ever,” she exclaimed. “They have this beautiful lobby and all of these brand new chairs!” I have heard family caregivers talk about this idea a lot. They think, “Ah, this place looks so fancy, it must be nice.” This could be true, and the dementia care community that you’re […]

“If I keep reminding her, she’ll remember.”

Mary Ellen’s daughter, Jenna, was frustrated. “Mom keeps thinking that dad is still alive,” she sighed. “I keep reminding her that he died years ago. I think that, eventually, if I keep reminding her, she’ll remember.” I tried my best to explain to Mary Ellen’s daughter that this just wasn’t the case. It doesn’t matter […]

“My [insert loved one here] isn’t like these people.”

“She doesn’t need to move to a care community yet.” “He’s not like these people.” “Her memory isn’t that bad.” “He only got lost the one time.” If you’re telling yourself these things, it’s probably time to move your loved one to a care community. Here’s the bottom line: your loved one cannot make a safe decision […]

5 Tips: Visit your loved one and leave without a fight

Beverly and her husband stood at the doorway of the care community, pointing fingers (literally) and arguing.  “What do you mean, you’re ‘going home!’” she cried. “I’m coming with you!”  “No,” Beverly’s husband argued back. “You live here now!” We’ve all seen this same type of fight a million times, but how can you avoid it? 1. Don’t […]

10 Steps to Making a Dementia Care Plan

So, things got hectic quickly. Your loved one started acting different. Maybe he or she started losing items around the house. Perhaps they began having mood-related issues. And…guess what else? You don’t have a plan for how to handle any of this. Good news: here’s a step-by-step “what do we do now” plan: Start by getting […]

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