5 steps to get you into the world of someone with dementia I had someone tell me recently that they’d used my Embracing Their Reality techniques when talking to their mother with dementia. “I told her that we were going to see her parents, and she looked confused. She was talking about her parents the weekContinue reading

Why you should be using pre-made activity boxes

Christine’s dementia had progressed, but her very-successful morning routine was still the same. Every morning, Christine’s son would wake her up, get her seated at the dining room table, and prepare her breakfast. While he was getting that ready to go, he’d take out a box of towels from under the table. “Mom, I have aContinue reading “Why you should be using pre-made activity boxes”

Individuals are always individuals

I leaned against the wall, waiting for the elevator to get to my floor. The cheerful cook who had been working in the kitchen wheeled his dirty plate cart up alongside me.  He was a portly guy, nice, but kind of spacey. I had only had a couple quick conversations with him. He seemed toContinue reading “Individuals are always individuals”

A Tale of 5 Chairs

“It’s never going to work. They are just going to keep moving the chairs back where they want them,” a Resident Assistant argued. I had gone to another dementia care community to help them build Life Skills Stations (like a station for baby dolls, an office, a dress-up area, or other examples like these) butContinue reading “A Tale of 5 Chairs”

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