Is This For Me?

I handed Helen one of the stuffed dogs from our new Pet Shop area. I knew how much she enjoyed the baby dolls we had, so I hoped that she would also like the dogs. “Ohh,” she cried with delight, opening her arms to accept the stuffed dog.  “Is this dog for me? Can IContinue reading “Is This For Me?”

5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.

I wrote an article a while back called “16 Things That I Would Want If I Got Dementia.” Then I started thinking, how will dementia caregiving change in the future? How will the world change in 10 years? 20 years? While it is tough to predict the future, I know what my day-to-day needs areContinue reading “5 Things That Will Change The Future of Dementia Care.”

A Fake Dog, A Real Connection.

Nancy walked into the room and gasped, spotting the two dogs. “Ohhh,” she said with excitement. Nancy slowly reached out her hand and put it in front of the dog’s mouth. She gave him the chance to smell her hand before she reached out to stroke his soft fur.  The piece of this story thatContinue reading “A Fake Dog, A Real Connection.”

Walk The Line.

Joan strolled confidently down the hallway. Even with Alzheimer’s, she is very capable. Joan can hold long conversations, eat, drink, and bathe without much assistance, and she can walk quickly with the help of a cane. This is why I was surprised when I saw what she did next. Joan walked by me and suddenlyContinue reading “Walk The Line.”

A Marriage.

A lot of people fear that their spouse or life partner will get dementia. Many people are already coping with it. It’s incredibly hard to watch someone you love struggle with cognitive decline. But what if you both had dementia? Martin* and Joyce* have been married for over fifty years. They both have dementia, butContinue reading “A Marriage.”

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down.

“She’ll sit down on couches, in a chair, wherever—but I cannot get her to sit down on the toilet!” one of our Resident Assistants, Brittany, sighed in our morning meeting. “Susannah gets really stiff and tries to hold her pants up,” she continued. Susannah is incredibly pleasant, but she is also in a moderately advancedContinue reading “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down.”

Community College.

Our nurse stopped by my office around lunchtime. “William* is really irritated this morning,” she said. “He keeps saying that he has sign up for community college classes, and he’s apparently been asking people about it all day!” William is in his 80s, has dementia, cannot ambulate without assistance, and definitely cannot sign up forContinue reading “Community College.”

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