6 Tips: How do I get him to agree to move to an assisted living facility?

“But he’s not going to do it,” she insisted. “He’s stubborn and he won’t want to move out of his house and move into a community! He will refuse.” I hear statements like this pretty frequently. How can you get someone with dementia who doesn’t want to move out of their home to do just that? Here’sContinue reading “6 Tips: How do I get him to agree to move to an assisted living facility?”

What’s the right time to ask for help if you’re an Alzheimer’s caregiver?

A guest post by Zara Lewis In my wonderful family, we all love and support each other; however, as it often happens, most of the important tasks are entrusted to a woman, in this case – me. My mother-in-law is at the end-stage of Alzheimer’s and I’ve been caring for her (with just a littleContinue reading “What’s the right time to ask for help if you’re an Alzheimer’s caregiver?”

“I don’t really remember it, but I know it’s there.”

We were playing a “fill in the blank” game. I had gathered six of the residents in the front hallway of the Skilled Nursing Facility, in the hopes that more would join as they walked by. My little trick worked, and soon I had 10 people gathered around, engaging in the game. This fill-in-the-blank book isContinue reading ““I don’t really remember it, but I know it’s there.””

Where’s my wife?

Arnold was very easy to talk to. He was friendly, had a good sense of humor, and liked to sing along with the music coming over the radio. Arnold, overall, was pretty “with it” for someone with moderate Alzheimer’s. That’s why I was surprised when he wheeled past me and asked, “Have you seen my wife?”  IContinue reading “Where’s my wife?”

The easy addition of music

“They don’t really like music, so we stopped playing it,” one of the caregivers told me.  “Okay,” I replied. I knew, at this point, there was no point in arguing about it—it was much easier to show them the change music can make. I also knew that the assertion that the “residents didn’t like music” wasContinue reading “The easy addition of music”

“The dog has to pee.”

Meredith sat, holding her little stuffed dog, watching TV.  She stroked his fur and kissed his nose. “His nose is cold,” she grinned. Meredith believed that the dog was real, and her relationship with him was adorable.  “Hey, Meredith, let’s go stop by the bathroom before lunch,” I smiled.   “Nah,” she said, holding the dogContinue reading ““The dog has to pee.””

The always-made bed

Two single beds sat beside one another. One, unmade, sheets uneven, looked as though it had just been slept in. The other, made, simple—a single sheet on it. A black winter cap lay at the head of the bed, untouched for days, maybe months on end. The rest of the room contained women’s clothing. CleanContinue reading “The always-made bed”

How to move mom into assisted living without a battle

I get asked about moving loved ones to dementia care communities all the time. Families usually feel guilty, panicked, and concerned that their loved one with dementia will be very angry with them. Here are some of my favorite tips to make it go smoother! Order my book and get a whole chapter on thisContinue reading “How to move mom into assisted living without a battle”

The dementia time machine

She laughed. “Yes, my father and I were just talking about it the other night.” Mimi was nearly 100 years old. Her father had probably died 40 years ago, but she talked about him as if he was living nearby.  “He was telling me about the chores we had to do, and we were bothContinue reading “The dementia time machine”

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