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Where's my wife?

Arnold was very easy to talk to. He was friendly, had a good sense of humor, and liked to sing along with the music coming

The easy addition of music

“They don’t really like music, so we stopped playing it,” one of the caregivers told me.  “Okay,” I replied. I knew, at this point, there

"The dog has to pee."

Meredith sat, holding her little stuffed dog, watching TV.  She stroked his fur and kissed his nose. “His nose is cold,” she grinned. Meredith believed that

The always-made bed

Two single beds sat beside one another. One, unmade, sheets uneven, looked as though it had just been slept in. The other, made, simple—a single

These are a few of my favorite things…for dementia caregivers! Block & Pattern Boards Coloring Books Finishing Lyrics Big-Piece Puzzles Lace & Trace Kits Source:

The dementia time machine

She laughed. “Yes, my father and I were just talking about it the other night.” Mimi was nearly 100 years old. Her father had probably

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