Never ask someone with dementia if they “remember your name”

If I can, I always opt to ditch my name tag in a dementia care environment. I let my friends with dementia decide what my name is: I’ve been Susan, Gwendolyn, and various peoples’ kids. I’ve been so many identities to my residents, too: a coworker, a boss, a student, a sibling, a friend from […]

3 keys to accepting change in dementia

I host a monthly support group in my area, and yesterday’s meeting made me think a lot about acceptance. We had a great discussion: all the attendees are care partners of people living with Mild Cognitive Impairment or early stages of dementia, and they each expressed some level of learning to “accept” their loved one’s changing […]

Dementia-Friendly Days Out

A guest post by Ruby Clarkson | Writer, editor, animal lover and coffee enthusiast Dementia is a challenging group of diseases that causes many different problems, but that doesn’t mean that those who are living with dementia can’t enjoy a lovely day out. In fact, it is good for them to get out and see different […]

Improv comedy and dementia care workshop now online

Our workshop is officially ONLINE which means you can take it from wherever (and whenever) you want! This is a cool opportunity for you to see how improvisational comedy works with dementia caregiving, especially if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, PA for our workshops. We travel, so we’re happy to come to you, but […]

Why the loss of control motivates most “behaviors”

Cecilia was having a hard time. Suddenly, she couldn’t do all the things she used to do. She had once owned her own business, handled all her finances, made her own daily plans, raised children, and more. Now, with dementia, she couldn’t manage those tasks. Now, her family was doing everything for her, and it […]

At home, in adult day care, in assisted living…how do you know if it’s a good fit?

How can you tell if where your loved one with dementia is currently living is…well, working? How do you know if it’s the right fit? It’s pretty difficult to ask someone living with dementia what their opinion is on the subject. Even if you were to move them, would that make them happier? Would it […]

“Don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness.”

So many family caregivers will say to me, “But mom/dad/aunt/brother/spouse will not let me…” Take the car Move them into a care community Pay the bills for them Take over the healthcare Power of Attorney Send caregivers to the house Do the grocery shopping Make any decisions for them Bring them to the doctor What I […]

Senior Care Communities: Just because they look nice, doesn’t mean they are

“I moved my dad into the nicest place ever,” she exclaimed. “They have this beautiful lobby and all of these brand new chairs!” I have heard family caregivers talk about this idea a lot. They think, “Ah, this place looks so fancy, it must be nice.” This could be true, and the dementia care community that you’re […]

5 Tips: Visit your loved one and leave without a fight

Beverly and her husband stood at the doorway of the care community, pointing fingers (literally) and arguing.  “What do you mean, you’re ‘going home!’” she cried. “I’m coming with you!”  “No,” Beverly’s husband argued back. “You live here now!” We’ve all seen this same type of fight a million times, but how can you avoid it? 1. Don’t […]

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