Black Holes

Linda reached her hand out, trying to catch the elevator door as it closed.  “Hang on, Linda!” I called out.  “What!” she yelled back at me. “I’m just trying to go downstairs!” We were having an issue with our residents attempting to go downstairs in the elevator. This normally would not be an issue, but whenContinue reading “Black Holes”

Easy Bathing.

I walked into one of our “Spa Rooms” to wash my hands. It’s one of three rooms where we help our residents take baths or showers.  I paused and looked around. No wonder no residents want to bathe in here, I thought. It looks like a hospital bathroom! Think about your bathroom at home. You’veContinue reading “Easy Bathing.”

1, 2, 3.

“Hm, hmm, oh, wow,” Carol* said, touching some of the puzzle pieces on the table. She picked one up and turned it around in her hands, staring at it with a faint smile. “Well, yes, this is really…this is really something,” she mused. Carol is in a later stage of Alzheimer’s disease. She loves to touchContinue reading “1, 2, 3.”

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