“I told you seven times already.”

“Your room is right there! I told you seven times already!” I was walking up the hallway when I witnessed this exchange. One of my residents, Jen, sat on the couch near her room. She often got anxious, forgot why she was there, and couldn’t figure out where her room was. Her sitter (a caregiverContinue reading ““I told you seven times already.””

Do They Know You?

Many friends, family members and acquaintances have asked me the same question: “Do your residents know who you are?” Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes it seems like many of them do, but I can’t be sure.  What’s interesting about dementia is that a person’s long-term memories remain mostly intact throughout the course of the disease.Continue reading “Do They Know You?”

People In The Woods.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching HBO’s documentary, “The Memory Loss Tapes.” It’s a feature length film, but it is worth watching. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be astounded, and you’ll cry some more. The documentary follows people in different stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and documents their successes and struggles. I’veContinue reading “People In The Woods.”

It’s Not The Outcome.

I’m very “Type A.” I like when things on my to-do list get done quickly, efficiently, and come out perfectly. You can’t expect the same things when someone has dementia. I do a lot of crafts and cooking with my residents because they love being involved. I’ve discovered that, if crafts are more than oneContinue reading “It’s Not The Outcome.”

The Notebook.  Before I launch into a diatribe about what’s wrong with the depiction of Alzheimer’s disease in this movie, I want to first say that I love this film. Other than a couple scenes where the filmmakers completely ignore the realities of Alzheimer’s disease, this movie is really enjoyable. I do think, however, thatContinue reading


One of my favorite parts of caring for individuals with dementia is watching their interactions with one another. Think of any classroom you’ve ever been in: there are countless personalities, numerous lifestyles, and genuinely different types of people to account for. A memory care community is the same as any other large group of people,Continue reading “Resident-to-Resident.”

Sock Puppets.

I think there’s a lot that we can learn from people with dementia, especially those who don’t communicate in normal ways. I’ve blogged about a few of my residents with aphasia before, but there’s one in particular that always keeps me laughing. Truly, I’m laughing with her, because she’s always “telling” jokes. She has aphasia, which meansContinue reading “Sock Puppets.”

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