Why people living with dementia never initiate tasks

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! She’d left her father a “to-do” list that included tasks around the house. He was home, by himself, for a good deal of time duringContinue reading “Why people living with dementia never initiate tasks”

Activities for people in late stages of dementia

Connie was in a very advanced stage of dementia. Although she could still feed herself, that was about all she could do without a lot of assistance. Connie could speak, although she did not speak frequently, and many of her phrases were just, “Help me!”  She was pleasant, although she got overwhelmed very quickly. This madeContinue reading “Activities for people in late stages of dementia”

Red Roses…for a Blue Lady

“I found my thrill…” I started. “On blueberry hill,” the group answered. It is astounding what the brain can recall, even when that brain is damaged by dementia. My residents love playing “Finish Line Sayings,” which is a game where I read the first part of a lyric or popular saying and they fill inContinue reading “Red Roses…for a Blue Lady”

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