Dementia By Day Digital Download Products

My digital downloads are here! I’m super pumped to bring you these materials. As it turns out, I’ve been working on putting these materials together for YEARS—but only recently did I pull everything together and bundle them up for you! This is REAL STUFF I use to train staff and communities. Now, you get to buy and keep them to train your team!

Shipped-To-You Products

Refund Policy

My refund policy applies only to my Digital Download products, since they’re definitely more expensive than the shippable ones! I have a 14-day refund policy, which means that, after 14 days, if you still don’t love your product, you can keep it and get a full refund. I’d love to know what wasn’t to your liking or what we could do it make the product better. For refunds, please send Dementia By Day an email at

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