“She Seems Fine!” Coping with Challenging Family Members


“When I’m with my mom, I’m great at Embracing Her Reality. We have excellent conversations and I’m able to live in her world. When my siblings show up…it’s a different story. They start fights with her, they argue about what is and isn’t true, they try to explain to her that she has dementia, and then they tell me that I shouldn’t move her to Memory Care! By the time they leave, we both feel awful. I’d love it if they stopped visiting, but I know it would hurt my mom.”

Does this sound familiar? This is what this eKit is all about!

Here is what’s included:

  • Questions and answers with Rachael and Deborah Witchel, a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice for over 25 years
  • An exclusive podcast episode with Rachael and Natalie, Dementia By Day’s Operations Manager.
  • 16 pages of education about how to handle challenges in your family or friend group regarding dementia care decisions
  • Practical answers to challenging situations
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