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The Dementia By Day Care Partner Club is the only place online for caregivers to receive dementia care coaching from a professional and a community that truly understands their needs.

What IS the Club?

The Care Partner Club is a once-a-month Zoom call that anyone can join. It costs just $10 to sign up to be on the call.

Why did you make a special club?

I’ve always loved helping care partners troubleshoot their dementia-related questions and challenges, but I’ve recently realized that individual paid phone calls just aren’t cutting it!

I want caregivers to be able to talk with one another and for me to have ongoing, specific ways to assist throughout the caregiving process. These monthly calls give me a way to educate on a specific topic and then take live questions, along with questions that were emailed to directly.

How do I join the club?

  1. Pay $10 online here to reserve your spot!
  2. When you sign up, you’ll get an email confirming your spot and giving you a link for the next call.
  3. Send questions in writing to — these can be anonymous or you can include your name. Please tell us in the email if you’d like your name announced while Rachael answers the question.
  4. Jump on the Zoom call on the scheduled date.
  5. There will be a chat box so you can help answer questions with your own experiences! Talking to others is a great way to grow and gain knowledge in this field.
  6. I’ll provide 15 minutes near the end of the call to take live questions or answer anything else I didn’t cover.

What if I can’t make the call? Can I get a refund? No, sorry! But anyone who signs up WILL get a replay link sent to them, so you can listen to the call whenever you get a chance. If you sent a question in via email, you will hear your question answered on the call.

How do I join a Zoom call? What if I don’t have Zoom? That’s okay, you don’t need to download Zoom. There is a phone number that will be sent to you: all you need to do is call that number to log in and listen and respond.

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The monthly call for care partners of those living with dementia! By paying online you agree to what’s listed on the CPC website. You’ll get a receipt with this payment and then you’ll receive an email from Dementia By Day closer to the time of the call with instructions about how to log on! Scroll down for a little more information or go to the Care Partner Club website.


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