Creative Engagement

My second book, published with Johns Hopkins University Press.


An activity book to help caregivers improve the quality of life of people who have dementia.

Whether they are cared for at home or in an assisted living community, adults living with dementia should be offered a life that is interesting and fun. But what can you do to enhance the everyday experience of a loved one who is losing interest in or is unable to participate in their old hobbies and pursuits?

In Creative Engagement, I, along with developmental psychology professor Geri M. Lotze provide dozens of creative, hands-on ways to engage with people living with cognitive loss. Teaching caregivers how to find dementia-friendly daily activities and introduce them into a person’s life, this comprehensive, empathetic guide is aimed at both family members and professionals. Twelve chapters full of useful, tangible activities touch on a range of topics, including exercise, technology, cooking and baking, memory games, and arts and crafts.

Focusing on both group and individual dynamics, mundane activities and specially tailored pursuits, we offer proven strategies for interacting with people living with dementia. We include detailed tips for building a dementia-friendly environment, creating a daily calendar, and scheduling community entertainment. We also suggest special activities geared toward people in hospice care and give targeted advice for dealing with caregiver stress.

Drawing on my own practice while incorporating the latest scientific research on dementia and eldercare, Creative Engagement is unique in its dementia-positive approach. Anyone who cares for someone living with dementia will gain valuable knowledge from this compassionate book.

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