Made-For-Me! eKit

Let us answer your dementia care questions with a resource guide and audio recording made JUST for you by Rachael and the Dementia By Day team! Check out a video about the eKit here and you can see exactly what one looks like! VIDEO EXPLAINER: About the eKit

“The Made-for-Me! eKit by Rachael is a gold mine. Just compose the question that nags at you about dementia and caregiving. You will receive recommendations and resources personally for you. Another Wonder from Wonderlin.” – Susan Cox, Retired RN and care partner to her husband


Have specific questions about dementia care? We know you do! The purpose of this product is for the Dementia By Day team to create a product JUST for you! Within 3 days of your purchase, you’ll receive a resource guide that answers all of your specific questions. 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Buy this eKit
  2. Answer the questions that come with it (downloaded, right after purchase)
  3. You’ll receive your personalized guide with audio answers within 3 days.

When you hit “buy” on this product, you’ll get a download of the Made-For-Me eKit Questions. Fill in the short form and email it back to us and within 3 days you’ll get a resource guide created just for you! Expect to see links to videos or blog posts, but note that every order comes with an audio message from Rachael, too. She’ll answer your questions directly and send you the audio file!

Find yourself wanting even more help? Check out Rachael’s “Care Partner Coaching Course” also in the eStore! This one-time fee gives you forever access to emails and help from Rachael directly.


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