Timeline Confusion eKit

The ultimate guide to Timeline Confusion: the how, the what, and the why all in one eKit! My eKits are normally $30 and up, but this one is half the usual size and even MORE digestible! *Important: This is an eKit, which means it’s a download! As soon as you purchase the kit, look for a link that says “download” and click that button. The download will be on your desktop or in your “downloads” folder on your computer.*


What’s included in this eKit:

  • 6 pages of details, tips and instructions on how to handle Timeline Confusion(TM)
  • Step-by-step guidelines of what to say and when to say it
  • Exclusive access to a 5-minute explainer video (linked directly in the eKit!)
  • A short story from my own life that I’ve shared nowhere else

I trademarked phrases like Embrace Their Reality(TM) and Timeline Confusion(TM) because what I teach is so different from what you normally hear in dementia care education sessions. We always hear, “Validate, but don’t lie,” or, “Redirect and distract!”

But what do you DO when someone you love isn’t quite sure who you are? What does that mean for your relationship? How do you Embrace Their Reality without totally destroying your own?

If you have questions like those, you’re going to love my newest eKit. I’m sharing information I’ve never shared publicly before, and I’m including a video I made exclusively for my paid ($300!) online course. You won’t find it anywhere else.


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