Our Favorite Products eKit

This is our FAVORITE PRODUCTS eKit! In this eKit you’ll find a list of our favorite dementia caregiving products and how to use them, with a special bonus: EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODES for early buyers! Caregivers and professionals in the industry alike often ask, “But which baby dolls are the best?” or, “How can I introduce this stuffed animal for the first time?”


PRE-SALE: Get the eKit for $10 off if you purchase by 5/16 and then $5 off if you purchase before 5/30!

What’s included:

  • Dementia By Day-approved dementia care products 
  • Exclusive coupon codes for early purchasers!
  • How-tos on introducing and utilizing the products

I answer questions about dementia care products every day! In this eKit, I’ll walk you through my favorite products and how to use them.


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