Dementia Program Kickstart

If you’re here, it’s because we’ve talked about how to elevate your dementia care program! You and your team want to get started right away, but need a bit of guidance to make that happen. This program is a turnkey, done-for-you program that assists you in doing just that. Read below to see what’s included!


You don’t want a cookie-cutter program, but you also want to make sure you’re on the right track to design your own! I’m here to help.

Here’s what’s included in your purchase:

  • 3 Questions Poster for your staff room
  • Designing for Dementia interior design eKit for your communities (specific, hands-on guidance for design in dementia care)
  • Embracing Their Reality eKit (a how-to on dementia care communication)
  • Community Kickstart Collateral (printouts like a life history form for your residents living with dementia, an FAQ for families, and more!)
  • Dementia Program Kickstart eCourse (what I teach when I’m consulting, put into a 40-minute mini course I created that provides education and assistance to create your program)
  • Dementia By Day School individual access (5 hours of dementia care education for two people from your team)
  • Post-Content Review 30-Min Phone Call (talk through what your program might need with me 1-1 after you go through the materials)


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