"When Someone You Know" Audiobook

“When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community,” a bestselling book in the caregiving and dementia market, is now an audiobook! Narrated by the author and professionally mixed and edited by a sound engineer, the book can be purchased from Amazon, Audible and Apple iTunes.


When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community is a guide to help family and friends navigate the emotional and practical challenges they face when someone they love is living in community care.

Life changes dramatically for the entire family when the decision is made to move a person who has dementia from home to community care. In this book, I help caregivers cope with the difficult behaviors, emotions, and anxieties that both they and their loved one may experience.

Writing from my own practice and drawing on the latest research in gerontology and dementia, I explain the different kinds of dementia, detail the wide range of care communities available for people who have dementia, and speak empathetically to the worry and guilt many families feel.

When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community is an accessible guide offering answers to such questions as:

  • How do I choose a place for my loved one to live?
  • How do I communicate with my loved one living with dementia?
  • What can I find out by visiting a dementia care community?
  • What do I do if my loved one asks about going home?
  • How can I improve the quality of my visits?
  • What is the best way to handle conflict between residents, or between the resident and staff?
  • What do I do if my loved one starts a romantic relationship with another resident?

An indispensable book for family members and friends of people with dementia, When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community touches the heart while explaining how to make a difficult situation better.

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