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Buy this and receive a live, 1-hour training webinar with me that will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. (Don’t need a live version? Talk to me about getting a personalized video for your team.) You’ll also receive the list of useful downloads below! We’ll pick a time for our live, 1-hour training webinar as soon as you purchase this kit. For more information, scroll down.

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Mallory Bean, Laurelwood Care Center

This is incredible information!  We are definitely going to use this in SO many ways. Recruiting is going to be a critical thing in our community and it is a sigh of relief to have some material to get us started. Trying to get a feel as to what a caregiver knows and how he or she has been trained is one of the things that I was worried about. This is a very useful and worthwhile packet!

– Tracy Sneed, Owner of Remember Me Senior Care

Here’s what you get:

A one-hour live training webinar with me that includes a Q&A session on my Everything You Need to Know About Dementia presentation! You can put as many staff members or buildings on the webinar as you’d like, and you’ll receive a recorded copy of the webinar after we’re done.

You’ll also receive downloads of:

  1. Calendar Example + My Favorite Activities – I give you an example of a great daily calendar for your programming staff to follow and tell you which activities I’d choose for each hour I’ve scheduled!
  2. Product List: Where to get what! – Where you can buy my favorite products for people living with dementia.
  3. My 10 Best Communication Tips – This is what you’ll want to hand out when you teach families or staff about dementia care. It’s great for a welcome packet for new residents’ families, too!
  4. Make It Happen: Interactive Stations – The what, how, why of building interactive stations, sometimes called “life stations” by those in the biz.
  5. Understanding Communication in Dementia Care Test with answers – The test you’ll want to give your staff after they go through your training! Did they really “get” it? Find out now!
  6. FAQ for Families – The perfect welcome gift for new residents’ families: an FAQ all about dementia care. Answer questions they didn’t even realize they had yet.
  7. Intro to Our Community: Fill it out for new families! – A pre-made welcome letter for you to put in family packets!
  8. Interior Design Dos and Don’ts – Why shouldn’t your carpet have patterns on it? Find out here.
  9. Dementia By Day Certified Checklist – What I’d be expecting to get from a company who wants to be Dementia By Day approved!
  10. New Resident Questionnaire – Learn more about your new residents after their families fill out this questionnaire! Trust me, it’s going to be more informative and helpful in dementia care than the ones you’re familiar with.
  11. New Resident Questionnaire (Binder Version) – A smaller version of the above questionnaire, perfect for a quick review or for sending to the hospital with your resident.

This is over $2,000 worth of information from me! I train staff and communities using this PowerPoint, but YOU these materials! This is proprietary Dementia By Day data.


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