I heard something about dementia, but I'm not sure if it's true or not.

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Myths about dementia

Below you’ll find a list of blog topics that speak to myths in dementia care. Click the name of the topic to read the post.

“If I keep reminding her, she’ll remember.”

Tech Developers: Stop Trying to “Disrupt” Dementia—It’s Not Working

“Her memory is terrible, but she doesn’t have dementia” and other statements by people in denial

What do flowers, scissors and mirrors have in common?

Restlessness: A sign that death is near?

Those vitamins you’ve been taking to prevent dementia

Antipsychotics: Are they worth it?

Using Compelling Wall Art – Designing for Dementia

Dementia & The Myth of Menstruation

If someone says they have the cure for Alzheimer’s…

Anosognosia: What is it?

A tabletop that should never be in a dementia care environment

“7 Stages” of dementia and why it isn’t accurate

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