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“Dementia By Day” started as a simple little Tumblr blog in 2014 and grew into a book, a business, a second book, a podcast…and my entire work life! Hope you enjoy!

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Virtual reality for Dementia Care

I review MyndVR’s very interesting, “WOAH” kind of product for dementia caregiving! I’ve never seen anything like this before, truly. Be sure to subscribe for more of my reviews and dementia caregiving videos!

Should we tell her she has dementia

Should I tell a person living with dementia that they have dementia? The answer is…it depends on three things, which I’m going to break down

Why Britney Spears never had Dementia

Hey, Rachael Wonderland here with another dementia car video. And I don’t normally do anything about pop culture. I just kind of stay away from

Don’t Send Me Your App Ideas!

Video Transcript Probably about every few months, at least, I get a message on LinkedIn or somehow via email with somebody asking me to give

16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia

Get the FREE “16 Things” poster for your personal use—or better yet—your dementia care community’s staff break room!

I wrote this poem years ago, but to date, it’s the most popular piece I’ve ever created.

16 things poster
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