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“How do I communicate with someone living with dementia?” & Embracing Their Reality

Enter the Gray Area: Communicating with someone living with dementia
Only 3 Questions You Need in Dementia Caregiving
It’s time we ditched the word “lying” in dementia caregiving
Why “remember?” doesn’t work
When it’s hard to “embrace someone’s reality”
“Why can’t I…find…the words?”
Should I remind her that her sister died?
Stop taking people with dementia to the cemetery + stories from my blog readers!
Dementia gives us gifts, let’s not reject them
The BEST communication tip I have
Why is “no” the default answer?
Embracing and interacting with hallucinations
Never ask someone with dementia if they “remember your name”
“Therapeutic lying” is a ridiculous phrase
“But you already took them” and other Logic Statements that don’t work
5 steps to get you into the world of someone living with dementia

“How do I solve this behavioral issue?”

Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?
People with dementia WILL move your stuff around
“You’re not my son.”
Children, Animals, Scary Things: How to handle hallucinations
Stress on the body = stress on the mind
#1 Reason That Routine Is Going to Save You a Lot of Drama
How Joe stopped arguing with his mom
How to call someone who isn’t alive anymore

“How can I better cope with being a caregiver?”

When a relative doesn’t “get it” that a loved one has dementia
Give yourself a break: dementia care takes practice
Dementia & the Holidays: Advice for Family Caregivers
Let them lead, and you follow
Finding Calm in Repetitive Questions
You’d better learn how to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission
Caring for yourself + why I don’t love these billboards
How to “stop walking on eggshells” in dementia caregiving
Don’t ask if they “remember your name”
Let them lead, and you follow
3 keys to accepting change in dementia
You’re probably grieving, but don’t realize it
The 10 most important things about dementia caregiving
HOW TO talk to strangers about your loved one’s condition

“What’s the best way and time to move someone to a care community?” & more on senior living

If you ask them if they want to move…

How to find the right senior living community – sponsored post

At home, in adult day care, in assisted living…how do you know if it’s a good fit?
“Can you take me home?”
What if I visit and he doesn’t know who I am?
5 tips: visit + leave without a fight
Senior Care Communities: Just because they look nice, doesn’t mean they are
Dementia-Friendly Days Out – A guest post by Ruby Clarkson
Dementia is a “beg for forgiveness” group of diseases
“My [insert loved one here] isn’t like these people.”
How one woman got her husband to agree to attend adult day care
Why are Life Skill Stations so important in dementia care? – Designing for Dementia
Socialization is important for people with dementia
What is dementia-positive design?
8 reasons that it’s time to move them to dementia care
10 Steps to Making a Dementia Care Plan
If your loved one is doing any of these 5 things, they shouldn’t be home alone
Assisted Living is NOT your enemy
6 Tips: How do I get him to agree to move to an assisted living facility?
Why the loss of control motivates most “behaviors”
22 Questions to ask about assisted living
Tactics for Entering and Exiting a Dementia Community Successfully During a Visit – Designing for Dementia

“Why doesn’t she want to do anything anymore? How can I get her engaged in activities?”

Why people living with dementia never initiate tasks
Dementia care is like tee ball
Why you should be using pre-made activity boxes
HOW TO: 3 tips for keeping them engaged while you get other tasks done
Activities for people in late stages of dementia
10 products under $10 for people with dementia
5 tips for awesome outings
Always ask people with dementia for help
Dementia isn’t a loss of intelligence

On the biology of dementia and getting a diagnosis

Why the earlier stages of dementia are the hardest
What does “getting a dementia diagnosis” look like?
Dementia and English as a Second Language
We aren’t talking about FTD enough
Wait…did you mean Early Onset or Early Stage?
What are thoughts on medication use?
Senator McCain, Brain Cancer, and Dementia
Alzheimer’s disease is always dementia, but dementia is not always Alzheimer’s disease
A medical mystery because of a missed dementia diagnosis
The role of “delirium” in increased confusion

Bathing, eating, toileting, sleeping, and more

Should he be driving, still?
10 ways to get them to eat more
Individuals are always individuals
The importance of oxygen
Making Your Stairs Safer For Someone With Dementia
Clean hands = feeling good
Use music to completely change the day of someone with dementia
SOLVE their fear of water
The Woman Who Wouldn’t Use The Toilet
“He sleeps all day!”
The Importance of Flooring Selections in Dementia Care Communities – Designing for Dementia
5 reasons they’re watching TV or sleeping all day
HOW TO: Make a Bathroom More Relaxing – Designing for Dementia

“What about when…?”

Stop trying to convince them
How to stop quizzing people with dementia in 5 steps
“But he said he wants to live alone” and other problematic dementia care statements
How do I talk to my loved one with dementia about money?
Why do people with dementia mistake others for their spouses?
How to engage with someone who doesn’t respond
3 things you can do to cope with repetitive questions
After the dreaded “302″
“She KNOWS something is wrong with her.”
What the heck is “reminiscence therapy”?
“Dad knows he’s 98 but still thinks he’s working! How is this possible?”
The man who mistook his wife for…another woman
“Give me a hand” and other confusing statements
5 reasons you shouldn’t be the sole caregiver

Myths about dementia

“If I keep reminding her, she’ll remember.”
Tech Developers: Stop Trying to “Disrupt” Dementia—It’s Not Working
“Her memory is terrible, but she doesn’t have dementia” and other statements by people in denial
What do flowers, scissors and mirrors have in common?
Restlessness: A sign that death is near?
Those vitamins you’ve been taking to prevent dementia
Antipsychotics: Are they worth it?
Using Compelling Wall Art – Designing for Dementia
Dementia & The Myth of Menstruation
If someone says they have the cure for Alzheimer’s…
Anosognosia: What is it?
A tabletop that should never be in a dementia care environment
“7 Stages” of dementia and why it isn’t accurate
How K9 units use scent to find missing people with dementia
You never know what someone will remember

Other short + true stories

16 Things I’d Want If I Got Dementia
20 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia

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