Dementia Hotline


Have questions about dementia care that would be better answered by phone?

Want to talk to an expert about behaviors you’re seeing with your loved one? Thinking about moving your loved one into long-term care, but you just aren’t sure if it’s the best thing to do or not?

Call me!

I will help you troubleshoot the challenges you are experiencing with your loved one’s care. Calls last up to one hour and cost $50. Once you pay online, I will email you and we will set up a time and day to speak.

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Hour-Long Phone Call

60 minutes with me on the phone, answering your questions about dementia caregiving. For more information about this call, scroll down to "Dementia Hotline" to learn more.



“It was so helpful to talk to Rachael!”

“This call really gave me the confidence I needed to move mom into a care community. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, but Rachael really helped me work through my guilt.”

“Rachael made great suggestions and then sent me a follow-up documents with all the helpful hints and website suggestions we had discussed over the phone. I am so happy that someone as knowledgeable and caring as Rachael is just a phone call away!”

“I’ve learned so much from Rachael’s posts and her email and phone support responses to my questions.”

Important Information

– Your information and stories are safe with me. I never reproduce clients’ names unless given specific permission.

– I do not give out medical advice. I am not a doctor, but I may advise you to see a physician if I think that it is necessary.

– I provide advice, suggestions, and tips. I will do my absolute best to solve all of your issues over the phone, but understand that this is not fool-proof.

– I cannot give you advice on moral or ethical subjects.

– I am not a therapist of any sort, but I am a good listener! I have a Master’s in Gerontology.

– I do not give out refunds unless our phone call was disconnected and we were unable to set up a new time to speak within 7 days of your payment.

– Emergencies do happen. If I need to reschedule our call (or you need to reschedule) we need to agree on a time within a week of the payment.

– I only want to talk to you about dementia care. I reserve the right to hang up the phone if the call turns into something inappropriate.