Stand out with a cutting-edge dementia care program.
(even if you can’t spend mega dollars to do it)

You’d love to invest in creating the best programming for your residents living with dementia, education for your team, and support for your families - after all it’s not only great for business, it’s also the right thing to do.

BUT, you just aren’t operating at a scale where investing $50,000 or more in a program makes sense.

You’d love to …


The B(uild)YO Solution

Spend 3 value-packed months being coached by Rachael to build your own custom dementia care program - without the hefty price tag that comes with our done-for-you consulting tier of services.

This differs from the other consulting programs we offer where everything is created for you. In this 3-month program your team will be taught everything you need to know to create and implement a customized dementia care program for your community.

During these 3 months, you get access to Rachael and her team with bi-weekly calls to answer your questions and talk about the challenges specific to your community. You’ll also be part of a Slack group where you can post your questions and get answers, 5 days a week.

In just three months you will have a program that is custom built for YOUR community’s unique needs. You’ll have confidence implementing knowing that you created it with expert guidance from Rachael herself.

You’ll receive a ready-made activities program—complete with $500 worth of Dementia By Day-approved products!—to kick off your own programming and train your activities team!

The B(uild)YO Solution

3 months of hands-on coaching

+ Access to Dementia By Day School

+ Pre-made activities program

for just


“During our three months of coaching, we emailed Rachael about a specific hiring challenge we were having and she got back to us right away. We got on a 30-minute call only a couple hours later and she walked us through how to handle it.”

– Lea Ann Klarner, CEO Meadowthorpe

Hi, I’m Rachael.

I’m a dementia expert and three-time published author with John Hopkins University Press.

I have spent my entire career helping senior living companies like yours build dementia care programming that actually works – for your residents, their loved ones, and your staff.

While I love working with some of the biggest players in the field (like Claiborne Senior Living and Sonida Senior Living) who have dozens of buildings and a national presence, I also want to make working with me accessible to smaller-scale organizations.

That’s why I created the Dementia by Day B(uild)YO Solution.

Together, you’ll work with me and my team to create your own dementia program using my Embrace Their Reality™ framework.

We’ll coach you through the process step-by-step so that your program is of the highest quality, and based on the most recent research and developments in dementia care.

AND, you’ll get all of my staff training and materials so that your whole organization can be fully equipped to provide excellent care to your residents living with dementia.

What’s the B(uild)YO Solution Framework?

  1. Brand it! – how to position, name, and market your program
  2. Hire for it! – job descriptions & hiring best practices so you put the right people in place
  3. Teach it! – educate your staff and families to ensure that everyone understands the goals of the Dementia By Day philosophy
  4. Run it! – grab and go programming, life stations, and engagement kits as well as calendar development
  5. Design it! – how to create dining spaces and utilize interior design to make your residents’ life better and your staff lives’ easier
  6. Sustain it! – make sure your program remains high-quality and relevant

By the end of the 3 months together you will be ready to implement a unique program that fits your community.

Plus you have access to the Dementia By Day School for another 9 months to ensure your whole team is trained.

“You may think Dementia By Day School is just another dementia program that is gonna have you sit and watch the same videos you have seen everywhere else.

 But if you thought that, you’re wrong.

 This (coaching) experience has been eye opening and I look forward to the remaining sessions that we still have. The opportunity to learn and grow is huge.”

Max Lenavitt
Dementia Care Director, Meadowthorpe

“The B(uild)YO Solution coaching has been a great experience. It has provided learning opportunities for the treatment of the residents living with dementia, as well as how to be the advocate for the families.

It has been very thought provoking.

We have also taken the information and knowledge that we are learning and implemented it in our Community.”

Lea Ann Klarner
CEO, Meadowthorpe

This is what we need.

Why should I work with Dementia By Day?

This is the DBD difference.
When you implement our program and framework everyone wins.

Usually it costs $50,000 - $85,000 to bring the DBD team into an organization.

The B(uild)YO solution is a fraction of the cost, because we build out your program together – remotely.

If you’re ready to build your own top-notch dementia care program with me and my team, the investment is just $15,500.

We only have a couple of spots for this program every quarter, so if you’re even remotely curious about what this could mean for your organization (easier sales, happier staff, families that rave about your program, plus engaged and thriving residents) schedule your call today!


This program is perfect for organizations with one or two buildings. If your organization is larger than this, book a free call so we can talk about the right Dementia by Day program for you.

This co-created programming costs just $15,500 to get expert guidance on everything from the roll-out of your program to how to design your interior spaces. Payment plans are available.

Sure! You’ll get:
- 3 months of coaching with Rachael and the DBD team to go through each piece of the framework (this includes biweekly calls with Rachael and the team)
- A private Slack channel where you can ask questions in between sessions (every weekday 9-5pm)
- 12 months of access to Rachael’s signature Dementia by Day™ School for your entire staff (includes DBD certification)


- Complimentary access to additional DBD courses for 12 months, including any new ones Rachael creates
- Weekly action steps and assignments so that you get the ROI you’re looking for from your investment
- Your logo on Rachael’s website as an official DBD program

Yes, you will get everything you need to create your own unique program for your community. With guidance from Rachael and the DBD team you can get your questions answered and discuss challenges faced by your residents and team so that you can create and implement an effective dementia care program that is right for YOUR community.
Yes, the B(uild)YO Solution is totally customizable! While the base program is $10,000, additional services can include logo design, bringing Rachael or the team to your community to help with implementation, live webinars for your staff and families, and ongoing program support. We can talk more about these on our call if you’re interested.

No problem, you can book a free call and get all your questions answered with no obligation or high-pressure sales involved!

With the B(uild)YO Solution your team will be expertly guided to create a customized dementia care program (that won’t break the bank).

Don’t let budget stop you from creating a care program that is right for YOUR community.

Get 3 months of coaching with Rachael and the DBD team + access
to Dementia By Day School + a pre-made activities kickoff program.


Here’s everything you will get with the B(uild)YO Solution coaching program:

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